The 4GB Electronic Music Festival

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Tbilisi has made major steps forwards in terms of developing its night life offerings in recent years and is successfully following the world trends in this respect today, with numerous events organized year-round for music lovers, 4GB being among the most outstanding.

4GB is an annual international electronic music festival launched in 2011. At the beginning, the festival was small, organized as a tribute to the Georgian pioneer DJ Gio Bakanidze by his friends. However, with the dedication and hard work of the organizers and their partner institutions, the festival has grown, becoming ever-more colorful and offering the best electronic music to guests, transforming the memories of their friend into an unforgettable event for the country, as well as the Caucasus, and raising the bar of local festival culture to a new level.

The festival carries a number of important messages. First of all, it demonstrates how the unity of like-minds and striving for mutual aspirations can turn a small memorial party into a festival of impressive scale, while maintaining the initial values. In addition, 4GB is a non-profitable event and all income is donated for the development of the idea.

The first 4GB festival was headlined by Michael Mayer, the German electronic musician and an iconic performer for DJ Gio Bakanidze, who brought together 1,000 listeners. The legendary figure has since become the permanent host of the festival, taking to the stage for over 20,000 visitors in 2017.

One of the unique features of the 4GB festival is the ever-changing location. The organizers know everything is in the details and so always aim to host the audience in a venue suited to electronic music.

The Electronauts Music Awards has five times recognized the 4GB festival as the Best Event of the Year.

2019 is to be no exception and the 4GB organizers are all set to offer unforgettable performances in an incredible environ to thousands of visitors once again.


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Georgian Alphabet is Now on Google Arts and Culture’s Platform

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Google Arts and Culture is an online platform created by the Google Cultural Institute that enables people to explore collections from around the world. The Georgian alphabet has recently been added on it and people can now enjoy the story of the century-old Georgian alphabet.

The three alphabets are presented: the Asomtavruli Alphabet, the Nuskhuri Alphabet and the Mkhedruli Alphabet. The page showcases photos of the oldest Georgian inscription from the fifth century as well as photos of old manuscripts. It explains the evolution of the alphabet and its particularities.

The site does honor to the UNESCO-recognized Georgian alphabet. It is a great tool to have precise and relevant information on the historical development of Georgia’s most precious cultural heritage.


To visit the webpage:


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Explore Tbilisi during Spring Nights

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Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia founded in the 5th century. According to a legend, King Vakhtang Gorgasali was hunting in the woods on the banks of the Kura River and wounded a pheasant. The bird ran to the sulfur springs that healed it immediately. The King was amazed by the healing features of the spring and decided to build a city around it. Tbilisi is a mixture of cultures, models of architecture, different religious and ethnic groups.

Tbilisi has been conquered by Roman, Arab, Turkish, Persian, Mongolian and other conquerors. Russia invaded Georgia in 1799 and remained there until the end of the Soviet era. All the different cultures have left their tinges on the development of the city.

Now Tbilisi boasts about its old, traditional and modern, newly developed architectural centers. Old Tbilisi is replete with historical, cultural and religious centers with the typical balconies and carvings on the house. While modern Tbilisi has a variety of extraordinary buildings.

The district Old Tbilisi is located on both sides of the Mtkvari River and houses Mount Mtatsminda, Narikala fortress, and the Kartlis Deda monument. The venue is full of churches, museums, sulfur bathhouses, and peculiar wooden houses with open carved balconies.

The cable car, which connects the old and modern parts of Tbilisi, crosses over the Mtkvari River. Rike Park is situated in the modern part and from the park, the cable car will take visitors to the Narikala fortress. The fortress overlooks the capital – it offers tourist the best view over the entire city.



Museum of Broken Relationships Comes to Tbilisi

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From April 11 to June 15, the Betlemi 10 exhibition hall is hosting the Museum of Broken Relationships which was first launched in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2006.

The concept of the museum is to bring together items connected to previous relationships in one space, including clothes, accessories, and photo and video sources. The visitors of the Museum of Broken Relationships also have an opportunity to share their stories with others.

The unique collection of the museum aims to provoke feelings of understanding among individuals and serve as some kind of therapy for those who have experience break-ups.

For the three months, Georgian visitors will have a chance to discover the exhibits of the global collection of the museum and add their personal items to it.


Source:, By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya


Direct flights may be launched between US and Georgia

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Good news for travelers from USA.

We are working to ensure that flights between America and Georgia are timely launched, – Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze said at the briefing held before the governmental session.

The Prime Minister said that it was very important that direct flights be launched between the US and Georgia, which would help to increase the potential of economic cooperation between the two countries.

“We are trying to deepen the economic cooperation with the US. Relations between the US and Georgia have never been so intensive and I think it’s very important that direct flights be launched between the US and Georgia. Accordingly, the Ministry of Economics is conducting research, which will help us find a company that will be able to start flights between the US and Georgia. This will help us to increase the potential of economic cooperation between the two countries”, Mamuka Bakhtadze said.; Photo:

Wives of Ambassadors Enthusiastic about Mastering Georgian Dance

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Georgian dance is one of the most significant and unalienable parts of the country’s diverse and colorful culture. Each region in Georgia has its own unique dance which perfectly portrays the character and outstanding features of the Georgian people.

Georgian dance is known in different parts of the world among different nations. However, it is quite interesting that the guests of Georgia are so enthusiastic about mastering the country’s traditional national dances.

The wives of the Ambassadors to Georgia expressed interest in learning Georgian national dance and have begun to take classes in it.

The master-classes are led by a professional dancer of the National Georgian Ballet Sukhishvili (also known as Sukhishvilebi), Tea Darchia.

The idea of taking courses of Georgian dance was initiated by the spouse of the Ambassador of Sweden to Georgia. She motivated other representatives of the diplomatic corps. The ladies state these classes help them get a sense of the Georgian soul.

Aside from a love of Georgian dance and music, the spouses of the ambassadors have been united for a much more important reason. With the given initiative, they express solidarity to women with breast cancer.

The future plans of these ladies also involve giving a concert.


Source:, By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

Street Name Commemorates German Heritage in Georgia

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The Union for the Protection of German Cultural Heritage in the South Caucasus has announced that Joseph Stalin Street in Asureti is now called Schwabenstrasse (Schwabian Street).

Around 1400 German families settled in Kvemo Kartli in Georgia after the Russian Tsar Aleksandr I invited foreigners to live in Transcaucasia.

His 1804 law allowed foreigners to make use of land plots and cultivate them. They were also tax-exempt and not required to complete military service.

The German families settled in Elizabethal settlement, named after the Russian Tsaritsa Elizabeth Alexeievna. Many of the families who emigrated to Georgia were Swabians. They also settled in Tbilisi and Abkhazia.

Source:, By Amy Jones


Uplistsikhe cave-town is named among 115 fairy tales villages of the world

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The magazine “Architecture Desigh” has introduced the world’s 115 fabulous villages, which are distinguished by landscape, culture and aesthetic characteristics.

In the list of fairy tales villages there are beautiful villages from 115 countries. The list also includes the oldest, beautiful, Georgian, cave and historical town – Uplistsikhe.

In the list there are other wonderful places, which are  in Germany, Japan, Austria, China and other countries.



Tbilisi Open Air Festival 2019

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Music breaks free…

Yesterday, Fabrika hostel’s Jungle Room hosted the official press conference of the eagerly awaited Tbilisi Open Air Festival. The annual event will take place on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of June at Lisi Wonderland for its 10th anniversary.

The organizers launched the event and thanked their sponsors, TBC Bank being the main one. Everyone was waiting for the official line up that disclosed the festival’s headline Franz Ferdinand. He will be on the main stage on the Friday night, with the local MokuMoku as the support band. They also announced the coming of famous UNKLE, Tobias, David August and the Freedom Fighters, among many others.

The watchword of the gathering is Freedom, and its founder Achiko Guledani explains why: “This area is for everybody, this is a free area where different people can love each other, be together, and not be bothered by each other’s existence, rather it is quite the opposite. This is what Tbilisi Open Air is.”

This festival has been a go-to event in the country since 2009, when they held a very successful first edition. At that time, it was the largest scale festival to ever take place in Georgia. Since then, the festival has been growing and each year welcomes very famous international artists.

The goal of the festival is to host international as well as local musicians and offer a large range of musical genres to the public. People can enjoy high quality music as well as visual arts, which creates a complete and magical experience. The aim is for people to feel like they are in a world apart, where happiness and freedom rule. And precisely, for its 10th anniversary, the slogan is “10 years of equality and diversity”. Thousands of people from different backgrounds, origins and opinion will be able to gather one more time peacefully in this delirious environment.

We cannot wait to discover the surprises in store at the 10th anniversary edition!


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Untitled Gallery to be Opened in Tbilisi

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Back in 2018, The Guardian named Tbilisi one of the top 40 most attractive destinations in the world. It’s beyond doubt that Georgian food and its hospitality have a lot to do with it. But it’s also undeniable that Tbilisi becoming more and more chic through the looking glass of contemporary art culture is the needed cherry on top.

On March 30, at 6:00 PM, an Untitled Gallery will open in Tbilisi. The location of the gallery is 17 Ivane Machabeli street – in one of the most charmingly historical buildings in Tbilisi. The goal of the gallery is to bring the contemporary artists of the South Caucasus together and popularize them to a wide audience while connecting people and art.

Untitled Gallery promises us lots of interesting future projects, workshops, artist talks, presentations and other social activities to support peace, sustainability and minority right in the region.
As for the opening, Untitled Gallery will be hosting Georgian, Armenian, and Azerbaijani artists. Delicious Georgian wine will also be offered to visitors at the event.


Source:; By Nini Dakhundaridze